About me and my work

From origin an islander (born on the island Texel), since many years a city-person (living in Amsterdam), and in between, sometimes for longer periods of time, staying at different places on this earth (Israël, New Zealand, Australië, Spain, Nepal).

People and cultures,'le condition humain', and handmade textiles are matters that interest me, and what I look for in my own country as well as in other countries. What I find can be the start of a new work or project.




Connecting apparent contrasts runs like a red thread through my work. Textile, as a material or concept, plays a major role in this.

A pillow made of barbed wire, a flowering tulip tapestry based on a Turkish carpet, a map made of wool of sheep island Texel. These are some examples of the great variety of works I make, sometimes with others.

Two or three dimensional, big or small, there is always an idea behind my work: it is often not what it seems at first sight.

A work must be 'round': the idea and material are mutually dependent on each other and together determine the contents of the work.


Erna van Sambeek, 2015