Poster voor Eco Project in Nepal
Poster voor Eco Project in Nepal

Poster for Eco Project in Nepal



Hamro Gaun, Eco Villlage, in the village of Sanhu, Nepal, is a project of foundation 'Veldwerk'. It is a living and educational community in which orphans live, children from the poorest families in the surroundings are taught and women and youths learn trades by which they can later earn a living.

The aim of Hamro Gaun is to become a self-sufficient community and it has an orchard, a vegetable garden, solar panels, a hydro installation and a biogas installation to realize this.

During my three months' stay on the project I was asked to design a poster that would visualize what the project implies. The poster would be used for promotion purposes and to explain to the mainly illiterate people of Sankhu how Hamro Gaun works and about the activities on the grounds.

The design was made by me, with the execution of the poster I was assisted by Rakesh Thapa, a talented drawer and painter. Rakesh was resident of the orphanage at Hamro Gaun.


Client: Rene Veldt, foundation 'Veldwerk', Sankhu, Nepal.


Location:: Sankhu, Nepal.