Lucky Strikes



For the Open Studio Route Western Islands in Amsterdam, I wanted to stimulate visitors, young and old, to make art themselves. But how, and what?


Since some time I was working with broken plates, which I repaired in a special way with textiles. Because of that I was 'thinking' in plates and other porcelain tableware.


Together with Suus Corneslissen I developed 'Lucky Strikes', a project where people were invited to shamlessly throw with porcalain tableware.


Outside my studio we created a safe 'throw-place', were everybody who felt like it could smash porcelain. The cause of frustration could be written on the target, to aim even better!

With the pieces of broken porcelain we created a 'happy-path', to visualise the Dutch saying ' shards bring luck'.


Inside my studio there was also luck to get.

Everybody could make their own lucy plate.

Out of a large collection of different plates one could chose one, and write an personal, inspiring tekst or affirmation on it with special paint.

The plate could be used as an eatingplate or art-object.


About the art-route: