Groen Zwart Texels in 't Hart
Groen Zwart Texels in 't Hart

Texel in the heart



for Klifhanger, an art-route through Den Hoorn on Texel.


A set tabel with second-hand plates on a green farmers tablecloth, in the 1 Michelin-star restaurant 'Bij Jef' in Den Hoorn, on Texel.

On the plates are Texel-dialect sayings painted.


These old sayings, about eating or food, I collected with some inhabitants of nursinghome of the eldery The Gollards in Den Burg. The inhabitants have written them down for me, by hand. In different colours green I copied their handwritings onto the plates.

The serviettes next to the plates were black with green dots, the wine-glases were decorated with black hearts.


"Green Black Texels in the heart' is the motto of Texel, and refers to the colours of the Texel flag.