Curriculum vitae


1984-1986  Art Academy, Churchill,Victoria, Australia

1987-1990  Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam,

            The Netherlands


Exhibitions (a selection):

2022  'Contrast/rijk', solo exhibition, Museum The 

       Leids Weavershouse, Leiden, the Netherlands.

      'Rasters', drawers-project, gallery Phoebus


      'Homeland', installation in Kleinste Galerietje,

        Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2020  'Journey through my room', Kunsttraject, Amsterdam

        the Netherlands

      'Test Case xxii', Sundaymorning EKWC, Oisterwijk, 

       the Netherlands

2019  'O tell my the truth about love' Kunsttraject,

        Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

      'OAWE' Open Studio's Western Islands, Amsterdam,

        the Netherlands

      'Artvark', Weg-Wezen, Haarlem, the Netherlands

2018  'Dierbaar', two artists, nature as source.

        Museum Natura Docet Wonderryck, Denekamp, Twente

        the Netherlands

2017  'Water Zomerexpo 2017', Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle

        The Netherlands

      'From Texel with Love', Museum of Antiqueties,

        Den Burg, Texel, the Netherlands 

2016  'Averechts', textile exhibition, Provinciehouse

        Haarlem, The Netherlands

2015  'Gastvrijheid', Kunsttraject, Amsterdam,

        the Netherlands

2014  'Round Lace', Rosignano Monferatto, Italy

2013  'Geneeskunst', with Art Collective 1.3, AMC-Vitrines,

        Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam,

        the Netherlands

      'And though shall dream', Loods 32, Lelystad,    

        the Netherlands

      'Strings', Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels,Belgium

2012  ‘Needle Works’ Gallery Handwerk, Munich, Germany

      ‘Pin Cushions’ Edam, the Netherlands 

2011  ‘Verwandlungen-Metamorphosen’, Gallery Handwerk,

        Munich, Germany

2009  ‘Textile Biennale”, Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk,

        the Netherlands

2007  ‘Outrageous Lace and Subversive Knitting’,

        MAD museum,New York, USA (travelling)

2006  ‘International Lace Biennial, Contemporary Art’,

         Brussels, Belgium (travelling)

2005  ‘Old and new make amends’ , Museum of Antiques,

        Texel, the Netherlands

2004  ‘International Lace Biennial, Contemporary Art’,

         Brussels, Belgium (travelling)

      ‘Fibre Art International’, Pittsburgh,

         PA, USA (travelling)

2003  ‘11xSculpture’, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam,

         the Netherlands

      ‘Flexible 4: Identities’ , Withworth Art Gallery,

         Manchester, Uk, TextielMuseum Tilburg, the

         Netherlands (travelling)

      'Cabanes', 17 artists/17 beachhouses, Texel, 

         the Netherlands.

2002  ‘International Lace Biennial, Contemporary Art’,

         Brussels, Belgium (travelling)

      'International Paper Triennial, Charmay, Switzerland

2001  ‘Attractions’, Rauma-Sali, Rauma, Finland

2000  ‘Connections’, International Betonac Competition,

        St. Truiden, Belgium (travelling)



2015  Scale model National Park Dwingelderveld,

        for Visitors Centre Dwingelderveld,

       Natuurmonumenten, Ruinen, The Netherlands  

2014  Sketch comission for artwork public space, 

        Oosterend, Texel, The Netherlands

2012  ‘Tessels Lant’, Museum Kaap Skil,Texel,

       The Netherlands

2008  Poster ‘Eco Village Hamro Gaun’, Sankhu, Nepal

2006  ‘Turkish-Dutch Tulip carpet, Easter park, Amsterdam,

       The Netherlands



2016 'Carpet Taksubt', medina Sefrou, Morocco 

2014 'Bleachcarpet', for art-route Klifhanger,

       Den Hoorn, Texel, The Netherlands 

2013  'Geneeskunst', with Art Collective 1.3,

        Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam,

        The Netherlands

      'Sand', for art-route Klifhanger,

        Den Hoorn, Texel, the Netherlands

2012  ‘Book-project’, Central Public Library,

        Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011  ‘Texel in the heart’, for art-route Klifhanger,

        Den Hoorn, Texel, The Netherlands

      ‘Lucky Strikes’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007  ‘Lousy Lacy Soupspoons’, rich meets poor,

        Amsterdam- Alontenango, Guatemala

2004  ‘Bellamy by Night’, art-route Bellamy neighbourhood

        Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2002  ‘Cabanes’, beach-cabin project, Texel,

        The Netherlands

      ‘Chest of drawers-project’, Gallery Phoebus,

        Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Professional activitiets:

2021-2022: Teacher Masterclass 'From inspiration to

            an art-work' Museum Leids Weavershouse,


2019-2020: Teacher Masterclass 'Museum as inspiration'

            Japanmuseum Siebolthuis, Leiden,

            The Netherlands. In collaboration with the

            Textile Festival Leiden

2016-now:  Teacher Master program DIY Textile School,

            Amsterdam, The Netherlans 

2011-now:  Teacher TA program DIY Textile School,

            Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016-now:  Curator final exhibitions DIY Textile School,

            and others


Artist in residencies:

2020   Sundaymorning EKWC,(European Ceramic Work Centre) 

        Oisterwijk, Netherands

2017   'The Pottery Workshop', Jingdezhen, China 

        with a grant from Gerbrandy Culture Foundation 

2016   'AIR Textiles', 'Culture Vultures', Seffrou, Morocco



2006  Grand Prix de Reine Fabiola, International Lace

        Biennial,Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium

2000  Incentive Prize,Betonac Competition,

        St Truiden, Belgium