Tessels Lant
Tessels Lant
Tessels Lant

Tessels Lant



For Kaap Skil, Museum of Beachcombers and Seamen on Texel, Erna van Sambeek made a map of the island of nine by four meters.

This map, which hangs under the ceiling of the new entrance hall, is completely made by hand. Thirty inhabitants of the island helped making the work, titled Tessels Lant. The materials also come from the island.

About 35 kilos of raw wool of the Texel sheep-race 'Texelaar' and other on Texel grazing sheep were processed into the map.

Part of the wool was spun and dyed with extracts from elderberry, tansy and milfoil growing on Texel. The dunes were felted from raw, undyed wool. The woods were made of dried seaweed that Van Sambeek sea-combed on the beach. The rope with which the polder waters were marked on the map came from a fishing boat from Oudeschild.

Enthusiastic islanders put in their expertise by spinning, dyeing, knitting, sewing and felting the wool and welding the frame.

Since both the material and the craftsmen and women come from the island 'Tessels Lant' is not only a map of Texel, but also a unique Texel product.


Client: Kossman.deJong, exhibition architects, Amsterdam



Location: Kaap Skill, Museum of Beachcombers and Seamen, Oudeschild, Texel




'Tessels Lant, eiland van wol' by Erna van Sambeek.

This book shows the making of 'Tessels Lant', en tells about the people who have been working on it.


Soft cover

Language: Dutch

90 Pages, full colour


Published by Erna van Sambeek

Digital print: Blurb, 2013

Numbers: 50

Price: 38 euro


Order via info@ernavansambeek.nl