Turks-Nederlands Tulpentapijt
Turks-Nederlands Tulpentapijt

Turkish-Dutch Tulipcarpet



In the beginning of May 2006 a tulip carpet of 20 by 15 meters flowered in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. The design of this carpet was based on a Turkish woven carpet, a kilim.

Erna van Sambeek had invented this project and invited four Amsterdam women of Turkish origin to design the carpet together.

The Netherlands is well known worldwide for their tulips. Many people even think tulips come from Amsterdam – a myth. The tulip originates from Turkey, is of old much loved over there and closely interwoven with the culture.

In recent years questions about several communities of people living together in the public domain have raised fierce discussions. The problematic aspects, the points in which we differ are usually a focus in this.

As a visual artist Erna wants to contribute to this debate, but with a more light-footed and positive touch.

The Turkish-Dutch tulip carpet has made it possible for a large audience to shift the attention in a poetic way to our similarities. At the same time it has raised the matter of 'the myth of the Dutch tulip' in an original, unsought manner.


Client: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst



Location: Easterpark, Amsterdam