Lousy Lacy Souplepels
Lousy Lacy Souplepels

Lousy Lacy Soupspoons


Rich meets poor by means of art and artist, Amsterdam - Alontenango Guatemala.


In twentyfive cheap plastic soupspoons I made a lace-like pattern by drilling small holes in them. The inspiration of the pattern came from a piece of valuable Flemmish lace from 1660.

Wrapped in a bag made of silk, I sold those 'Lousy Lacy Souplepels' for 100 euro each.


With the profit I booked a trip to Guatemala. In the village of Alontenango I helped, under command of three local builders, with the family it concerned a small brick house.

The family lived before that in a house made of corregated iron.


By buying the spoon, the buyer became part of the project, and helped the family indirectly with realising a saver and healthier housing.

After returning to Amsterdam, I gave every buyer a foto collage of the building and the final result in Guatemala.


Locations: My studio in Amsterdam 

           The place of Maria del Carmen and her family, Alontenango,



About building houses in Guatemala: