Location: Diek 30, Den Hoorn.

For Klifhanger, an art-route through Den Hoorn on the island Texel.


Do you remeber, the white laundry on the green grass to bleach?

Memories of this gave me the idea to make a 'Bleachcarpet' for this patch of grass.


The material, white linens, was given to me by some inhabitants of Den Hoorn.

Together with the ladies from the knitting cafe in the village of Oosterend we cut this linen into long strips and croched that into 240 meters of long threats.

I've pinned the carpet into the soil with 500 knittingneedles.


The patterns of the carpet are inspired by traditional Moroccan henna-patterns.

A Dutch image, with Eastern infuences.


With thanks:

Willem Bakker, Gerry Pap-van Munster, Jan Slikker, Wil Slikker, Abelia Gieles, Mevr. R. Kalis-Timmer, Maaike Monsmo, Marjan Hogerheijde, Lies Bremer, Ria Manse, Ina Schrama, Joke Vlaming-van Beelen, Nel Vermeulen, Nellie v.d. Walle, Marjoke Pol, Riet Terwindt, Nel Herweijer, Jet Drijver.