Taksubt Tapijt
Taksubt Tapijt
Taksubt Tapijt

Carpet Taksubt


Location: Taksubt, Sefrou, Marokko.

During: Textile Artist in Residency, Culture Vultures Morocco.


A temporary carpet made out of rubbish, placed in a raw spot in the neighbourhood 'Taksubt', in the medina of Sefrou, Morocco.


On Sunday February 1th was the 'opening', which at the same time was also the 'closing'. The carpet was on show for 1 whole day.


It was the closing piece of my month-long 'Textile Artist in Residency', organized by Culture Vultures Morrocco.

Women from the neighbourhood taught me to knot small buttons from shiny threads. Sefrou is famous because of it: these buttons, ment for djellaba's all over Morocco and beyond, are made one by one, by hand by women of Sefrou.

Larger, and made out of colored plastic bags, they got a place in the carpet.

Neighbourhood children had collected empty chips- and chocolatwrappings from the streets. The traditional Berber patterns were made out of these bags. 


At the opening Brahim Daldali, partner in this project, told a story, while I gave out manderins to the public. 

The story was about a women that flew on her flying carpet to a new culture. About the hospitality, the kindness and generosity that she met there. And that she wanted to give something back...a temporary carpet...


Children gave the carpet the finishing touch, by placing the oranje peels of the manderins into the carpet.