Update 2022 Work of New Members

Update 2022 Work of New Members

Vrijdag, 10 juni 2022

From  2 till 30 juli 2022

Arti et Amicitiea, Rokin 122, 1012LC, Amsterdam.


It took a while, but last year I did it: I've become a member of the oldest artist assocation of the Netherland: Arti et Amicitiea (for the art and the friendship).

In the majestic building at the Rokin, with the beautifull Berlage social club, me and the other new memebers will show our latest work!




contrast/rijk in Museum The Leiden Weaver's house

contrast/rijk in Museum The Leiden Weaver's house

Zaterdag, 15 januari 2022

From December 18th 2021 till Febuary 13th 2022

Solo-exhibition in Museum The Leiden Weaver's house, Leiden.


In the exhibition Contrast/rijk the work of Erna van Sambeek will work together with the interior of the old Weaver's house. The many contrasts, like then and now, clean and weathered, new and lived through will be  visible. Thanks to those contrasts, there will be a coherence, where the house as well as the works of Van Sambeek will come fully to their rights.





Woensdag, 28 april 2021

From March 1th till May 31th 2020

Kleinste Galerietje, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23,  de Hallen, Amsterdam.


For the Kleinste Galerietje (the Smallest Gallery) I made the installation Homeland. In it a porcelain egg, made during an artist in residency in Jingdezhen, the porcelain city of China.

An egg as globe, methaphor for 'home' and security, hidden in the shaft of the Hallen: the Smallest Gallery.



Journey through my room

Journey through my room

Woensdag, 27 januari 2021

Exhibition in the windows of Kunsttraject Amsterdam, in de Staatsliedenbuurt.

December 3th 2020 till January 30th 2021


Thirty artists were given the story 'Journey through my room', by Maarten Biesheuvel, for inspiration to make a work.

I decided to make a journey through my garden, and made a floral work out of used t-shirts. I named the work 'Lost'.